Brand Story
The origin of the VIV&LUL brand can be traced back to nineteenth Century at the end of the Rhone River in southeastern city of Lyon (LYON).It is an ancient city with a long history, and it is a famous political and cultural center in Europe,it had gathered the noble.A group of noble offspring, the enlightenment by the French Renaissance writer and humanist Francis o " .They were born in the purple, good taste, but also the ideological liberation, advocating freedom and individuality.Thus, various artists have become Lyon's most popular regulars.Lewis, a business conscious young artist, discovered business opportunities (IOUIS).By Forester (FOREST) the Duke family members Villerol (VILLEROI) funding, set up a design workshop,Specializing in the art of clothing for the nobility,Skillfully integrate various artistic elements and works into the design of clothes,Reflect the noble dignity of the host.
After several years of accumulation, Louis (IOUIS) and Villerol (VILLEROI) establish a formal whole relationship,Establish a formal whole relationship,registered its own trademark VIV&LUL, and opened a factory, specializing in the production of high-end women's clothing, clothing processing customized.Leon the textile industrial city to make VIV&LUL quickly spread to various parts of France, provides an opportunity for the following development of VIV&LUL.
Brand rising
What makes VIV&LUL brand shine in France is 1966,France then adopted the constitution of the Fifth Republic in a referendum during general De Gaulle's presidency,under the guidance of the spirit of freedom, equality and fraternity, the people's social and economic development has been greatly improved.At that time, the French Senate Richard RICHARD for her daughter Isabel (ISABEL) birthday reception, all French celebrities from all walks of life to attend.To the surprise of the guests, the dress at the little princess's party came from a brand named VIV&LUL.Whether it is design, manufacturing process or material materials are perfect, Art beats nature., each piece with the most popular luxury senior custom dress feeling comparable. Magnificent products for almost all the friends are dumping, a clothing brand formation of exquisite life concept has become a hot topic at the French upper social class.
Brand development
Entering the new century, Mr. Edward (EDWARD), the sixth generation of VIV&LUL, is an enterprising and promising operator, he made two big decisions,which made a major impact on the VIV&LUL brand,first, let the brand out of France, start globalization strategy, make VIV&LUL brand rapid scale operation, become a strong international brand.In addition to Europe, the Americas, Australia, the vast network of outlets,Invest into the Asia Pacific market to launch the SAIFORM International Group, and therefore was born in the Chinese Trademark "VIV&LUL", and subdivided into outerwear, underwear home two business groups, children's clothing in the diversification of the depth of development;Two is the re positioning of the VIV&LUL brand, breaking through the limitations of advanced customization, service level to white-collar and urban high-end extension.Product style to maintain a noble tune, while introducing personality, fashion elements, so that it is more suited to regional culture.To "health, sunshine, elegance, fashion" as the design concept, advocating health, fashion, high-grade taste of ecological H&H KIDS (ECOLOGICAL TO HEALTH&HAPPY), which is today's "new ecology" (E-KIDS),It has become the unique brand style and cultural orientation of "Louis" children's clothing.



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